Horst M. Rechelbacher

Horst Rechelbacher

'The Carsten Institute teaching methodology is designed to create the most successful hairdressers in our industry. Carsten's system is a most practical and innovative technique. It teaches the students to incorporate modernistic methods to attract and please clients. In my point of view, it's one of the most important habits for a hairdresser to adopt.'

Horst M. Rechelbacher, Founder of Intelligent Nutrients

Frédérick Fekkai

Frederic Fekkai

'I have attended several lectures at the Carsten Institute and was impressed with both the students and the school. The Carsten Institute has a great system for getting the students trained to graduating.'

Frédérick Fekkai, New York City & Los Angeles

Yves Durif

Yves Durif

Yves Durif highly recommends the Carsten Institute as the educational foundation of the French Haircutting Technique. Yves Durif has conducted several classes teaching the French Haircutting Technique at the Carsten Institute. "My first assistant not only is a Carsten graduate, she also came highly recommended to us. Therefore, I look forward to meeting and working with the soon-to-be graduates of Carsten Institute in New York"

Yves Durif, Renowned Global Educator for Aveda New York City

Mark Garrison

Mark Garrison

'Carsten is one of the most talented educators that's made a guest appearance at my in-house training sessions. His passion for teaching is highly motivating and inspirational.'

Mark Garrison, Owner, Mark Garrison Salon, New York City

Alain Pinon

Alain Pinon

'It was very exciting to come to Phoenix and do a show for your school. It was great meeting all of your students who were very enthusiastic about their new career. There is a great need for a school like yours in New York City. Many people can use the great European techniques that you teach.'

Alain Pinon, Salon AKS, New York City

Robert Lugo

'Why Carsten Aveda Institute?

'After looking at several beauty schools, Carsten Aveda institute is the only one that inspired me the most. The people at this school seem so friendly, classy, fun and energetic. Everyone seems as if they enjoy this school VERY much. I love how this school offers great opportunities for me to work at many high-end hair salons for such an inexpensive tuition. I love how Carsten Aveda Institute offers the most unique style of hair cutting. I’ve been to many beauty schools and all that they teach is the “basic” hair cutting. I would love to learn the basics of hair cutting, however to learn basics and a unique hair cutting at Carsten Aveda is overwhelming! Especially for the prices Carsten Aveda charges. So why am I choosing Carsten Aveda? I’m choosing Carsten Aveda because I feel like I belong here. The atmosphere felt great. Everything at Carsten seemed organized. From the front desk worker to the company manager, I felt everyone knew what he or she was talking about. I loved how the workers did not force me to join the school ASAP, they were able to give me time to think about joining Carsten Aveda.'

Michael Kluthe

'Dear Carsten,

I did not have a chance in Scottsdale to see you after your presentation. It was a wonderful presentation, very informative and highly professional. Thank you.'

Best regards, Michael Kluthe
Vice President, Intercoiffure Mondial

Chotika Khamtansombat

'To Carsten,

Finally, this day is here. The day that I have to leave the school and salon. It has been the wonderful internship for 2 months in the salon. Moveover, it was such a happy and great time that I had the opportunity to study in your school, but I have to leave the USA. I hope your school will be like this forever and if I know someone who really has the passion about being in cosmetology, I will recommend them to you.'

Thank you very much,
Chotika, Thai student at the Carsten Institute from October 2008 - June 2009

Irima Heidy Katherine

'Miss Gloria: Deseo comentafte que al igual que a mi hermana y mi sobrina, sali favorecida con una de las becas que usted, el sefror carsten y sus alumnos nos donaron tan generosamente, realmente estoy muy agradecida por su gran bondad, la aprovechare al maximno pues fue una gran bendicion en el momento que mas lo necesitaba. Usted tiene un gran corazon y las personas generosas reciben siempre mas de lo que dan por lo menos de mi parte tiene mi respeto y admiracion y un gran agradecimiento de parte de mi familia tambien todos quedaron muy felices cuando les comentamos de todo lo que ustedes njos ensefiaron y compartieron con nosotros, fue un gran privilegio ser instruidos por personas tan capacitadas como ustedes.

Mis hermans, mi mama que talvez usted recuerde que se llama gloria, que es de choachie manda muchos saludos y agradecimientos. Que Dios le conceda todas sus peticiones y que le permita tener exito en todos sus caminos.'

Irima Heidy Katherine

Lisa Brenes

'My name was Lisa Hunt and I apprenticed under you in 1986 using the name Elise because there was another Lisa. You taught me the most valuable tools of the trade. I have supported myself off and on throughout my life using those tools. I think of you often. Hope you and Kirsten are both well.'

Sincerely, Lisa Brenes aka Elise/Lisa Hunt

Maria margarita Bohorquez Alfonzo

'La presente:

Para agradecerle por venir de tan lejos a compartir y dejarnos sus conocimientos I gracias por su dedicaci6n y la voluntad de ensenarnos ya que esto son bases para muchas persona que nos capacitamos en ESCALA para tener la posibilidad de acceder a un empleo y a una mejor calidad de vida para nosotras y para nuestra familia. Mil gracias.'

Maria margarita Bohorquez Alfonzo