New York City Institute Cosmetology

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SOC CODE 39-5010

Introduction/Alpha You will start by learning the fundamentals of cutting, styling and chemical restructuring of hair; and the related sciences. Lectures, demonstrations, and workshops concentrate on developing skills and accuracy by reinforcing classroom knowledge. You will be introduced to retail merchandising, client servicing, and personal development skills. State and safety requirements are taught throughout the course.

Beta I and II Unlock your creativity as you explore the latest trends and techniques in hair cutting, styling, coloring, permanent waving and chemical restructuring. Time in the clinic allows you to become increasingly confident in your professional abilities.

Gamma and State Board Get ready to launch your career with training in interviewing, cover letter and resumé writing, time management, self-promotion, goal setting, merchandising and entrepreneurship. Your speed, accuracy, and concentration are now ready for the salon. You can demonstrate competency in all tasks required for the State Board Examination, and posses the theoretical knowledge you need to pass the written examination required by the Carsten Institute and the State for licensure. It is time to realize your dreams as a salon professional.

New York City cosmetology courses offered in both English and Spanish.